"Butter together"

A vision is born. Years of knowing amazingly creative, thoughtful, joy-filled people with ability differences has brought us to this point.  Years of research and finding that people with disabilities overwhelmingly report more happiness than others has prompted our hearts. Years of seeing a world where these same precious and gifted people haven’t found a place in their community... has started a movement.
At The Mighty Waffle, our goals are clear.  We aim to provide a restaurant work environment where persons with ability differences thrive in their talents. We focus on offering a wide variety of job and life skills that will pave the way for comparable jobs in the community and experience in home life. We aspire to share how the beauty of every person’s abilities can create real impact and influence for the city of Tomball and its community members...all while getting a really tasty waffle!

Your support and generosity are so appreciated at The Mighty Waffle, where we are “Butter Together”!

We are just getting started! Stay connected to see what comes next!
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